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Skoda Felicia is a car produced by the Czech auto company, Skoda. This automobile company is well known and is one of the top 5 vehicle producers in the world. The Felicia enjoys a long and colorful history with the company and the Skoda Felicia workshop manual is an excellent addition to your garage.

It is interesting to note that the Felicia was used twice in the company’s history.

Skoda first used the name Felicia from 1959-1964. This was the name of their 2-door convertible. The car had a folding hood and a plastic hardtop. The engine was a small four-cylinder engine originally and in 1961, Skoda gave the Felicia a larger engine. Skoda only produced 14,863 Felicia convertibles during its 5 year run.

In 1994, Skoda decided to bring the Felicia back into the model lineup. However, it was not a convertible. It was a supermini car. It would also be one of the last cars to be produced on Skoda’s own platform, but would also benefit from the merger with Volkswagen.

Thanks to the partnership with VW, Skoda began to elevate their image. This was especially true in Western Europe. The new Felicia was the first diesel powered car for Skoda. This car also saw the addition of several safety upgrades: anti-lock brakes, driver side airbags and seat belt tensioners were some available options.

In addition, there were upgrades to the interior of the Felicia. Some trim levels had the option to add air conditioning or velour upholstery.

The Felicia was available to consumers in a variety of body styles. The original base model was a 5-door hatchback. Later on, an estate, or station wagon, model was also available for purchase. Additionally, a pickup truck and a van model were made available for consumers to choose from. The Felicia was used both personally and professionally.

In 1998, Skoda redesigned the Felicia slightly. The upgraded the body shell and chassis to improve crash safety and made minor updates to the grille and bumpers.

By June of 2001, Skoda stopped producing the Felicia. By this time, they had produced just over 1.4 million Felicia vehicles.

From its humble beginnings in 1895 as a bike repair shop, Skoda has time and again proven their worth as one of the top 5 oldest car manufacturers. They continue to develop and expand their vehicle lineup. The Felicia enjoys a rightful spot in the Skoda family. Any Felicia owner should have the Skoda Felicia service manual on hand to ensure they keep their Felicia in top condition.