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Using VMware Player

IMPORTANT: If you have the DVD version, ensure the files/folders are copied off the DVD.

Once you have installed VMware Player, you need to point it at the virtual image of the manual as follows:

1. Open VMware player by double clicking the "VMware Player" icon on the desktop or Start Menu

2. Allow VMware Player to load and the following screen should load:

3. Click the "Open a Virtual Machine" link as follows:

4. Now go to the location where you extracted the RAR file and open the VM folder. In the VM folder will be a file with the name of the manual you have purchased

5. In the left pane will be the name of the manual you are about to open. In the right pane, click the "Play virtual machine" link

6. If you get a message asking you whether you "moved it" or "copied it", simply select "moved it" and OK

7. A virtual machine of "Windows XP" is now loading. Once loaded, it will automatically login

8. On the desktop of the "Windows XP" virtual machine will be a file called "Quick Start Guide". Simply double click this file, on how to start the manual