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OVA Files For Windows

These instructions are for Windows, if you have a Mac please click here.
VirtualBox is a free virtualisation product. In short it allows you to run various other operating systems on your computer seemlessly. This has the benefit of running some of our manuals without you, the end user, having to go through the complex routine of installing it.

NOTE 1: This is for manual files ending .OVA

Installing VirtualBox Player

Right click here and click "Save Target As..." and save the file to your Desktop.

1.   Double click the new VirtualBox.exe file on your desktop

2.   Click Next

3.   Click Next

4.  Click Next

5.   Click Yes

6.   Click Install

7.   Click Yes

8.    Click Install

9.   Click Install

10. Click Install 


11. You have now installed VirtualBox. Click Finish, and then click here for the instructions on adding the manual to VirtualBox.