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Installing VMWare Player

VMware Player
is a freeware virtualisation product. In short it allows you to run various other operating systems on your computer seemlessly, even though you may have Windows 7, Windows Vista or even XP or a Mac OS
(Mac OS requires VMware Fusion). This has the benefit of running some of our manuals without you, the end user, having to go through the complex routine of installing it.

NOTE 1: If you have the DVD version, copy the folder from the DVD to your PC first, otherwise VMWare Player will NOT load.

NOTE 2: If you already have VMWare Player installed, skip to step 10.

Installing VMware Player

Right click here and click "Save Target As..." and save the file to your Desktop.

1. Double click the new vmwareplayer.exe file on your desktop

2. Click Next

3. Select your destination folder and click Next

4. Uncheck "Check for product updates on startup" and click Next

5. Uncheck "Help improve VMware Player" and click Next

6. Click Next

7. Click Continue

8. Once installed, click "Restart Now"

9. Once restarted, start the application via the Desktop or Start Menu and select "Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click OK

10. Now that you have installed VMware Player, you need to point it at the image file. This is shown here.