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ISO Format

When the downloaded file is in an ISO format, the file needs to be mounted to a virtual drive disc drive. In other words, MagicDisc acts as the disc drive and the ISO file acts as the disc. MagicDisc is available to the public, free of charge.

Installing MagicDisc

Right click here and click "Save Target As..." and save the file to your Desktop.

1. Double click the new magicdisc.exe file on your desktop

2. Click Next

3. Click Next

4. Click Next

5. Installation will proceed

6. Click Finish

7. Click OK to restart your PC.

8. Allow the PC to boot up.

9. You will now see a new Magicdisc icon (CD with a hand underneath it) in the system tray, in the bottom right hand corner next to the clock.

You have now installed the MagicDisc software

Mounting the ISO File

10. Right click the Magicdisc icon , and point to "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM".

11. Now point to "Letter: No Media" and make a mental note of this letter, then click "Mount ..."

12. Goto the C:\ or wherever you saved the ISO file to. Select the ISO file and click Open.

13. At this point, the ISO you have just mounted to the the virtual drive, may try to "Autorun". If it does, simply Cancel it.

14. Now go to "My Computer" and you shall see a new drive letter, (remember you made a mental note of it in Step 11) where you have just mounted the ISO file.

Right click and click Explore, on this new drive.

16. Now look for the file "Installation Instructions.doc" and double click it for further instructions on how to install the workshop manual or electronic parts catalogue.

Unmounting the ISO File

17. To unmount the virtual drive right click the Magicdisc icon in the system tray, in the bottom right hand corner next to the clock and click "Unmount All Drives".

You maybe required to mount the ISO file (Step 10 onwards) on some of the workshop manuals or electronic parts catalogue whenever you want to use the manual. If this is the case, it will clearly be indicated in the "Installation Instructions.doc" (Step 16).

If you have any difficulties during installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.