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About Us

Welcome To eManualOnlie

If you're reading this, you've probably stumbled upon our site while looking for answers to your pressing DIY car questions.

And as the name of our website so evidently suggests, our mission here is to provide you as a DIY enthusiast with the best factory workshop manuals available for your vehicle. Along with tips, tricks and knowledge to further your expertise, build your love for cars as well as provide you with all the resources you need to ensure you have a smooth ride whenever you step into your vehicle.

Here at eManualOnline, you'll find well-researched and engaging articles written to provide you the best information for all the possible issues you can have within the world of DIY and cars.

If youre already an experienced mechanic, then you should feel right at home with us!

If youre just a beginner, dont fret, as we have articles catered specifically towards your needs as well, written in a fun and light-hearted tone :)

Run by a team of natural car enthusiasts, Car Fix Tips is your one-stop community to talk about all things cars, DIY and to explore all that this area has to offer!

Meet Our Team

Chad Ina - Owner:

Chad is the brains responsible for the fruition of Car Fix Tips. Already a natural car enthusiast, Chad wanted to expand as well as share his knowledge with others by providing a beneficial resource online for anyone's disposal.

Edward H Ed is our lead technical support specialist. He is the man who does all of our customer remote installations, fixes, workarounds and develops solutions for our customers. A dedicated and articulate member of our overall business.

 Shawn B Shawn is our first port of call when our customers have an issue. A dedicated customer support specialist who has a success rate of resolving 92% of customer issues within 24 hours.

Syaz Khan Syaz is CFTs own content writer. He works closely with the rest of the team here at CFT to provide well-written articles on relevant topics backed by research and case studies. Mixed with his own knack of making seemingly mundane topics interesting, he has a flair for writing which serves the Car Fix Tips team well.

Gerald C As head of marketing, Gerald is our go to man for all of our internet marketing processes, including PPC, Social Media and SEO. A true dedicated worker and master of marketing.

Inderjit S Inderjit is our server admin. He is in charge of our servers, and backend solution developer. He and his small team do everything from building our servers to managing our infrastructure.

Faizus S Faizus is our lead developer. He is the man who makes solutions possible from a web point of view. So dedicated and knowledgeable he can literally make anything work in harmony

Celestine A Cel as we call him is our number one designer. He is our go to man for all of our ads, banners, logos, websites, etc. Very talented and a total design freak and comes up with ideas out of the box