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Silver Wing

Honda is a Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturing company. Honda motorcycles first became available in the United States in the early 1960’s. Today, Honda manufactures a wide range of scooters and motorcycles. A Honda Silver Wing service manual provides the technical details and necessary instructions to repair and maintain Honda’s popular Maxi-Scooter.

The Silver Wing from Honda grew out of the popularity of Honda scooters in the US. Buyers interested in a larger-than-usual scooter capable of highway speeds that was also comfortable to ride. The Honda Silver Wing was introduced in 2002 as the second maxi-scooter behind the Aprilia Atlantic 500.

The Honda Silver Wing has an engine displacement of 582 cc and is the most powerful scooter on the market. The peak horsepower of 49.6 reported horses -enough grunt to push the big-boned scooter to a top speed in excess of 100 miles per hour. Honda refers to the engine series as the DACT series -a parallel twin two-cylinder mated to a constant velocity transmission.

The Silver Wing offers some features rare to scooters and small touring motorcycles. A major plus for owners is the cavernous storage space available, enough for two full-face helmets to be locked up under the seat. A locking cubby in the instrument cluster area allows riders to lock up small valuables, like a wallet, that might need to be close at hand.

Buyers report that the Honda Silver Wing is remarkably comfortable to ride, and even passenger comfort is near touring bike levels. The cleverly designed fairing provides a comfortable ride even at highway speeds. Riders report that the Honda Silver Wing accelerates quickly and is very agile, even when riding at highway speeds.

U.S. sales of the Silver Wing ended in 2013. The entire eleven year production for the market saw virtually no significant alterations. Many available options for earlier scooters became standard production equipment later.

The popularity of the Honda Silver Wing has led many aftermarket companies to design add-ons for these slick touring scooters. Buyers can find everything from appearance-enhancing body panels to power boosting add ons.

A Honda Silver Wing owners manual is the first place to start when repairing or restoring these scooters, and is an essential tool for the owner looking to customize their bike with aftermarket add-ons.

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