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Honda is a Japanese motorcycle and automobile manufacturing company. Honda Powersports is the division that sells motorcycles and other small-engine craft. Honda has a world-wide reputation for quality and reliability. The Honda Aero was sold for only two years in the United States -1983 to 1985- but stayed in various forms of production until 2007. Repairing a Honda Aero is easy with a Honda Aero service manual.

The Honda Aero was a two-stroke, air-cooled scooter that was an NH-series motorbike. It was available with several different engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 150cc. during itís production, however the 80cc version was the only one sold in the United States.

U.S. emissions laws required any scooter 50cc or larger to be a four-stroke engine beginning in 1986. Due to emissions laws, the Aero was never sold in California.

The Aero is known as the Lead, Vision, Mascot, and Kinetic in markets outside the U.S.

In 2010, Honda brought the Aero back to the United States as a 115cc four-stroke scooter now called the Elite 110.

Only the Aero 50 was available with telescoping front forks and electric-only starting. All other variations used the common leading link front suspension and both kick and electric starting. All Aero models used a constant velocity transmission and were equipped with drum brakes.

Two-stroke engines produce gobs of power at the expense of emissions, and the Aero was no different. It is regarded as one of the quickest off-the-line scooters of itís era. The air-cooled engine is easy to work on and can be serviced by the average home mechanic.

The Aero was only available in the U.S. until 1985, so very few are around today.This makes an Aero a collectorís item and a valuable vintage scooter. Repair parts can be difficult to find and may require adapting parts from other bikes or importing parts from abroad when possible. The peppy engine and vintage 1980ís style make the Aero 80 a desirable find and a good candidate for restoration. Values are likely to increase substantially as these already rare bikes become less common.

A high-quality Honda Aero 80 repair manual is essential to maintaining and repairing a vintage bike. These manuals provide service steps and repair procedures that are easy to understand. Diagrams and full specifications are provided to help the restorer or home mechanic to correctly remove and repair parts and keep a Honda Aero in service.

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