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Heinkel was a German aircraft manufacturing company that also produced bicycles, a microcar, and motor scooters. The Heinkel Tourist motor scooter was produced from 1954 to 1967 and is today a sought-after collectible. A Heinkel repair manual is useful for restoring and preserving this interesting and rare motor scooter.

Heinkel is best known for producing bombers during World War 2, but got itís start building bicycles following the first World War, when Germany was banned from building aircraft by the Treaty of Versailles. After World War 2, Heinkel introduced the Tourist to rekindle the company and remain in viable production.

Heinkelís aircraft roots are evident in the sculpted and flowing lines of the Tourist. The motor scooter features low drag and a fixed front fairing which the steering wheel turns inside.

The Heinkel Tourist is largely patterned off the Italian Vespa, sought to address nearly every negative associated with that classic motor scooter. The Heinkel Tourist features an aluminum floor, a strengthened frame, and a 12 volt electric start system designed by Bosch. The Heinkel Tourist was produced in large numbers in itís heyday, but few remain today. It is estimated that only about 300 Heinkel motor scooters were legally imported, though rumors abound that a significant number may have been imported outside normal procedures.

The United States Heinkel registry reports a total of 175 Heinkelís, and states that around 150 of those were privately imported from Europe in the 1960Ďs. Despite the rarity, Heinkel motor scooters are relatively inexpensive, but replacement parts can be very difficult to obtain in the U.S.

Heinkel motor scooters are more common in Europe, but as the desire to restore Heinkelís in the U.S. begins to reduce the stock of old-stock parts, some items will become difficult to find. The later Heinkel motor scooters are easier to find parts for and are cheaper to restore.

Working on most Heinkel motor scooters is a pleasure, and a well-restored example is going to stand out from the crowds of Italian scooters and Japanese bikes. A high-quality Heinkel repair manual is available for most models and provides detailed instructions to remove and replace components. These Heinkel service and repair manuals provide diagrams and specifications needed to properly maintain and restore a vintage Henkel motor scooter.

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