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The Buell Ulysses is a bike that came out with a couple different models, all of which did well in the market with owners. Being introduced to the market in 2005, and then stopped come 2008, it was short lived like many of the other bikes being introduced to the market from Buell. The look of the bike changed a bit, as well as some of the parts inside it. The Buell Ulysses service manual provides the owner with more information about the maintenance and service that the bike would need. Those that own the bike can benefit from using it.

The Ulysses was introduced as the “world’s first adventure sportbike” that can be driven around tracks and come with quality handling. There was an oil pump and ignition timing that was added to the bike, providing more comfort control and handling. The suspension of the bike is different from the other Buell bikes that were in the market.

Save some cash in the long run when you do your own repairs. This can be done with the help of the Buell Ulysses workshop manual that provides even more information about the parts inside the vehicle and what may be needed to replace any of them.

The long-travel suspension on this bike was something that also made it handle better on bumpy roads that may not have been paved as well as others. The chassis is smooth, while the transmission smoothly went from one gear to the next. Check out the Buell Ulysses service manual to find out more about the bike and if it is the right bike for you to spend time riding around on. You can benefit from having this information in the long run.

However, the Ulysses is more street ride then dirt, but has rough handling capabilities for added protection. Those that want a softer suspension would choose this model over some of the other Buell models that have edgier appeal while handling on the roadways. It is also around an inch lower than other models, being a lower rider offering a cruiser appeal.

Look over the Buell Ulysses workshop manual to find out what you can expect from riding around on it and being able to get more from the use of the manual and reading the information on it.

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