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Jungheinrich Fork Truck Type DFG/TFG 316S/320S/420S/425S/430S/540S/545S/550S Workshop Service Manual

Jungheinrich Fork Truck Type DFG/TFG 316S/320S/420S/425S/430S/540S/545S/550S Workshop Service Manual

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Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Jungheinrich Fork Truck Type DFG/TFG 316S-550S.

Original factory manuals for Jungheinrich Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
DFG 316S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 320S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 420S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 425S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 430S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 540S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 545S (07.2004-06.2008)
DFG 550S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 316S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 320S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 420S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 425S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 430S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 540S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 545S (07.2004-06.2008)
TFG 550S (07.2004-06.2008)

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained set of PDF Manuals
Service Manual, PDF, 753 Pages
Technical Description of Components
General Truck Data. Operational Tests / Test and Setting Values
Truck Maintenance
Drive System V. Combustion Engines
Drive System V. Power Shift Transmission / Hydrostatic Drive
Brake System
Hydraulic System and Diagrams
Electric System and Wiring Diagrams
Diesel Particle Filter (HUSS)

Operating Manual, PDF, 147 Pages
A Correct Use and Application of the Truck
B Description of Truck
1 Description of Use
2 Description of Assemblies and Function
2.1 Truck
2.2 Mast
2.3 Changes in operational requirements
2.4 Safety devices
3 Technical Data -- Standard Equipment
3.1 Data tables -- DFG/TFG 316s/320s
3.2 Data tables -- DFG/TFG 420s--430s
3.3 Data tables -- DFG/TFG 540s--550s
4 Labels and Plates
4.1 Truck Rating Plate
4.2 Load diagrams
C Transportation and Commissioning
1 Transportation
2 Commissioning
D Truck Refuelling
1 Safety Conditions for Handling Diesel Fuel and Liquid Petroleum Gas
2 Filling with Diesel Fuel
3 Changing the Gas Bottle
4 Trucks fitted with Twin--Gas Bottles
E Operation
1 Safety Regulations Governing the Operation of the Forklift Truck
2 Description of Drivers Controls and Display Elements
3 Checks and Activities Before Daily Use
4 Using the Truck
4.1 Start Process TFG
4.2 Start Process DFG
4.3 Fault Displays during Operation
5 Operation of the Forklift Truck
5.1 Safety regulations applicable when operating the truck
5.2 Driving
5.3 Steering
5.4 Braking
5.5 Operating the Mast and Attachments
5.6 Picking Up, Transporting and Setting Down Load Units
5.7 Instructions for the use of restraint belts
5.8 Parking the Truck Safely
5.9 Engine housing and service covers
5.10 Towing
5.11 Towing Trailers
5.12 Trailer loads
6 Fault Locating Operations
F Truck Maintenance
1 Operational Safety and Environmental Protection
2 Safety Regulations Applicable to Truck Maintenance
3 Servicing and Inspection
4 Maintenance Check-list DFG/TFG
5 Maintenance Check-list DFG
6 Maintenance Check-list TFG
7 Coolant Specification
8 Lubricant Specifications
9 Fuel specification -- DFG
10 Lubrication Chart
10.1 Lubrication Diagram -- DFG/TFG 316s--550s
11 Description of Maintenance and Repair Work
11.1 Preparing the Truck for Maintenance and Repair Work
11.2 Engine Maintenance TFG 316s/320s
11.3 Engine Maintenance DFG 316s/320s
11.4 Engine Maintenance TFG 420s--430s
11.5 Engine Maintenance DFG 420s--430s
11.6 Engine Maintenance TFG 540s--550s
11.7 Engine Maintenance DFG 540s--550s
11.8 Check Coolant Concentration
11.9 Clean/Change Air Filter Cartridge
11.10 Brakes
11.11 Change Wheels
11.12 Hydraulic System
11.13 Electrical System
11.14 Switch Gear and Control Potentiometers
12 Exhaust System
13 Decommissioning
14 Inspection
14.1 Safety checks to be performed at regular intervals and following any untoward incidents (D: Accident prevention check according to BGV D27)
15 Storage
16 Disposal
Appendix for Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas Filter -- STX Type
1 Introduction 1
2 Regeneration 1 .