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ThinkPad 380XD 385XD 2635 Service Manual

ThinkPad 380XD 385XD 2635 Service Manual

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This Manual uses the following conventions:

Unless specifically stated otherwise, information applies to Lenovo model (s) ThinkPad 380XD/385XD/2635 Service Manual. Most procedures are combined for all Laptop's,except where they differ substantially. A detailed matrix of Laptop features is followed by general information on the IBM Laptop model. Specifications, major assembley locations, safety and regulatory information are all included. The chapter ends with a discussion of the service and repair philosophy. Topics covered in the manual are as follows:

1      Step-by-step procedures for replacing all Field Replaceable Units (FRUs)

2      Service Checkpoints

3      Service Modes

4      Printer Driver Installation

5      Product Information

6      Operating Requirements/ Procedures

7      Installation and Configuration

8      Manitenance

9      Function Overview

10    Removal and Replacements of (FRUs)

11    Troubleshooting