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The Triumph car brand has been around since 1885. This historical car brand knows better than anyone how important keeping your vehicle up to date on service is. Our Triumph service manual is perfect to get you started. It contains detailed instructions to help make your task easier.

In 1885 the Triumph Motor Company started as a business called S. Bettmann & Co. They started out importing bicycles and selling them under their own name in England. Their name soon changed to Triumph and in 1889 they started producing their own bicycles. They were acquired by the company called British Leyland in 1960 and were absorbed into their name. The Triumph badge was placed on vehicles manufactured under the name British Leyland until 1964. The marque was then retired for a number of years. The rights to the Triumph are now owned by BMW who purchased them in 1994.

The in between years of the history noted above included many advances and changes. In 1902, Triumph began producing motorcycles and in by 1918 Triumph had become Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. In 1921 Triumph officially started production on cars and produced a 1.4 liter engine car named the Triumph 10/20. The next car produced with the Triumph Super 7 which sold in large quantities. It did amazingly well for the company.

In 1930 the companies name was officially changed to Triumph Motor Company. Realized that he couldn’t compete with mass market production, the owner decided to go for top of the line luxury cars. The models called Southern Cross and Gloria were then introduced into the market. In 1936 the company sold their motorcycle and bicycle business and focused solely on manufacturing cars. A straight 8 engine car was then developed and the Triumph Dolomite was released.

The last Triumph model that was released was the Acclaim. It was introduced in 1981. The company was later taken over by another but the Triumph name lives on due to the quality of the cars they made.

Using our Triumph workshop manual will help you make any needed repairs to any of your Triumph models. Purchase our eManual today to get started. We guarantee it will be just the thing you need to get going.

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