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In 1979 Suzuki introduced a kei car, the Alto. This car was the smallest street legal car allowed by law in Japan. If you own a Suzuki Alto, the you should definitely purchase the Suzuki Alto service manual to go along with it.

The first-generation Alto was in production from 1979-1984. This original Alto was a 3-door cargo car with a folding rear seat. It was also equipped with a 3 valve engine. The main selling point of this Alto, was its incredibly low price. Since it had less doors and a smaller engine and was no frills on the inside, it was much cheaper.

By May of 1980, a 2 speed automatic Alto was added to the family. When Suzuki exported the Alto, they offered it on a longer chassis as a sedan and as a van.

By 1984 Suzuki was introducing the second generation of Alto to consumers. This time they added turbocharged, multi valve engines to the cars. Eventually Suzuki added a 5 door hatchback Alto to the lineup. The next facelift would come in 1986.

The company decided to add some major updates to the Alto. They included new headlights, a new interior, and a new Isolated Trailing Link suspension system. Additionally, Suzuki added a walk-through van and a coupe to the second generation Alto.

The cars that were exported, were often given larger tires. And the passenger car was the model offered abroad.

The third generation of Suzuki Alto was available starting in 1988. This generation was noted for its angular style. The van also had a driver side sliding door. The idea was for it to be easier to exit and enter the van in tight places.

The fourth generation of the vehicle debuted in 1994 and ran until 1998. This time, Suzuki thought to return to a more simplistic style and it showed in the updates. More fuel efficient updates were released, along with air conditioning, power steering and tape cassette players.

By 1998 the 5th generation of Alto was revealed. The company made the car to be more rounded and it underwent a major redesign.

The 6th generation was released in 2004, the 7th generation in 2009 and the eighth generation was released in 2014. This last generation incorporates more green technology which results in a lower fuel consumption.

The Alto was a prolific line for Suzuki and thy are driven on roads worldwide. If you own a Suzuki Alto, it is recommended that you purchase the Suzuki Alto repair manual to help you maintain your car.