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The Octavia by Czech auto company Skoda is a small family car that is still on the roads and being produced today. The Skoda Octavia workshop manual is an invaluable tool for owners to have on hand.

Originally, Skoda produced the Octavia from 1959-1971.  It was named the Octavia as it was the eighth car produced by the Skoda company.

This originally Octavia was designed and produced to be a small family car. In 1961, a station wagon version was released and it remained in the model lineup until 1971 when production of the Octavia ceased.

In 1996, Skoda brought the Octavia back into the lineup. It is still a small family car. Currently the Octavia is in its third generation.

The first generation of the new Octavia is from 1996-2010. This generation was only available to consumers as a sedan or station wagon. This generation was a success in the UK due to its lower price point, while still retaining a certain refinement. Additionally, many taxi drivers preferred this car thanks to the low price.

In 2000 Skoda gave the Octavia a redesign and began to sell it in other markets. The redesign included an independent rear suspension and an improved interior with more space and better quality materials.

From 2004-2013 the second generation was released. This time the Octavia was based on the VW platform, thanks to the partnership between the two auto companies. One of the major improvements was an increase in legroom for rear seat passengers. Another update was the increase in ground clearance at both ends of the vehicle.

The second generation also added two different 4-wheel drive models to the Octavia family. Both of these models had the Haldex Traction 4-wheel drive system and an even higher ground clearance.

The 2nd generation Octavia was available in 7 different trim levels. However, all models were produced with 4 airbags, electric front windows, air conditioning, central locking and anti-lock brakes.

Skoda introduced the 3rd generation Octavia in 2013. This time the car is longer and lighter than previous generations. It is also the first Skoda car to feature a front sensor and a multi function camera. This generation also features many “Simply Clever” touches, such as a garbage can inside the door panel and an ice scraper inside the fuel cover.

Clearly Skoda continues to keep pace with automotive trends and the Octavia is no exception. If you own an Octavia, then the Skoda Octavia service manual should be in your glove compartment as an important guide for maintaining your car for many years.