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Czech car manufacturer, Skoda, enjoys a long and prolific history of producing automobiles. The Skoda Fabia is one of their models. If you happen to own one of these cars, or just want to know more about it, consider adding the Skoda Fabia workshop manual to your automotive library.

In 1999, Skoda introduced a supermini car called the Fabia. This member of the Skoda family of autos is available in 3 different body types- hatchback, estate, and saloon. The Fabia is currently in its third generation.

The first generation Fabia ran from 1999-2007. Thanks to its partnership with Volkswagen, all of the mechanical parts for the Fabia were developed with VW. However, the price point for the Fabia made it a much less expensive car, which appealed to consumers.

Originally, 3 different trim levels were available with the Fabia. And over time, Skoda made improvements to safety features and minor changes in details. The Fabia cars that were sold in Eastern Europe, tended to have a very no-nonsense, no-frills appearance. They often did not have painted bumpers, side mirrors or glove boxes. This was done in an effort to keep the price point even lower and appeal to buyers in that market.

From 2007-2014 the second generation of Fabia were released. This time around the car was made to be a little bit bigger than the first generation Fabia. In 2010 the Fabia underwent some style redesign. The front bumper and fog lights were a different shape, there was a new steering wheel and the engine was updated as well. The update to the engine options helped to decrease emissions and it simultaneously helped to improve fuel consumption.

The third generation of the Skoda Fabia began in 2015 and continues to this day. This generation was debuted at the Paris Auto Show in 2014. This generation underwent a mechanical update and the chassis was redesigned to bring the 3rd generation back to the original Fabia. Also new for this generation is the addition of the Front Assist Safety system. This means that sensors will warn the driver and apply the brakes if a crash seems to be imminent.

Skoda continues to prove itself a strong car designer and producer around the world. Today their cars are sold in 102 different countries. A must have for any Fabia owner is the Skoda Fabia service manual. It will ensure your Fabia is running smoothly for a long time.