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The Scion line up was a marque of Toyota. It was created to help draw younger car buyers to Toyota. Whether you are working on your first Scion or your old Scion, having a Scion repair manual will help you get the job done right.

Started in 2003, Scion is a discontinued marque of Toyota. It was designed to appeal towards younger customers. The Scion brand featured sports compact and subcompact vehicles. Scion was initially launched with promises of being a short product cycle and value-based lineup of vehicles, which became difficult to keep as sales fell after the economic downturn.

Toyota launched Project Genesis, in 1999, an effort to draw younger buyers to the Toyota marque. This project's aim was to create a “marque within a marque” in advertising strategy and sales for the coupe and compact models. Toyota chose to launch a separate marque, after the failure of Project Genesis, called Project Exodus.  This project became known as Scion.

Introduced in 2002, the Scion was marketed towards younger car buyers. There were just two concept vehicles, the ccX (which became the tC) and the bbX (which became the xB). The 2004 xA and xB were debuted at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show on January 2, 2003.  Both cars were unveiled to the public on February 8, 2007, at the Chicago Auto Show.

Sales of the Scion brand were initially promising, but by 2010, sales had dropped dismally low. Toyota tried to resuscitate the brand. In 2015, Scion released the Scion iM hatchback and discontinued the iQ, xB, and xD. Scion also introduced the iA sedan.

Toyota announced on February 3, 2016,  that the Scion brand would be phased out. For the 2017 model year, the iM, iA, and FR-S, models were merged into the Toyota marque as the Toyota Corolla iM, Toyota Yaris iA, and Toyota 86, respectively, while the tC was discontinued.

And with that, the Scion marque's story has ended. Whether you’re a merely tinkering with your Scion or doing major repairs, remember if you ever need help, having a Scion service manual on hand can make any repair job go easier.

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