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Piaggio is an Italian-based manufacturing group that consists of seven different brands. It is also the name for one of the seven brands the company creates vehicles for. Piaggio is known for their wide range of motorized scooters and two-wheeled vehicles. Piaggio scooters are known for their excellent craftsmanship and perfect combination of comfort, performance, and modern technology. If you keep a Piaggio service manual around your garage, you can easily diagnose and complete your scooter’s maintenance needs by yourself!

Do-it-yourself (DIY) maintenance has become a popular trend for automobiles, but it also works great for scooters and motorcycles! It is often easier to work on a scooter compared to a car, as a scooter is much smaller and easier to work around than a car. There are less parts in a scooter as well, making it easier to figure out what isn’t working properly.

While Piaggio is the brand name given to a line of motorized scooters, the parent company is made up of seven distinct brands. These include Piaggio, Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Moto Guzzi, Scarabeo, and Vespa. Moto Guzzi and Vespa are the two most notable brands outside of Piaggio. Moto Guzzi manufactures motorcycles while Vespa also creates scooters.

The Piaggio scooter brand has evolved quite a lot since the company was first created in 1884. Prior to the 1950s, the company was primarily focused on manufacturing commercial and larger vehicles. It wasn’t until the late 40s that they finally developed the Vespa scooter, which led to the company’s success in the consumer two-wheeled vehicle market.

Today the Piaggio lineup consists of several different scooter models. These include the Typhoon, a low-speed entry model targeted for teenagers, the Fly, another entry model that gets excellent gas mileage, and the Liberty, a mid-class scooter with a range of trim options. Their top-of-the-line two-wheeled scooter is the BV 350, which is focused on sporty performance. They also have a three-wheeled model known as the MP3 Sport 500, which is their ultimate luxury model and best performer.

Any Piaggio scooter you drive is great for providing a smooth and reliable drive. Piaggio carefully designs their scooters for maximum performance at an affordable price. Any owner can benefit from a Piaggio workshop manual, which will detail any instructions needed to repair or service your scooter. With the clear guides found inside a manual, you can make sure your Piaggio continues to give you a reliable commute.

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