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In 2006, the brand Opel saw the release of a compact crossover SUV called the Opel Antara. While production only lasted for a total of 9 years, the European market did find the Antara to be a popular choice. Owners of this vehicle have been appreciative of the Antara so much so that other countries implemented a similar model with different badging. Technicians who work on Opel vehicles can make use of a Opel Antara workshop manual to provide routine maintenance and service.

The Antara was first shown to the world at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept car titled the Opel Antara GTC, short for Gran Turismo Crossover. The concept car was based on the three door Chevrolet T2X SUV. However, when production rolled around in 2006, the Opel Antara was instead released as a longer five door SUV which was also similar to a Chevrolet model, the S3X or the Captiva.

The layout of the Opel Antara was a front engine, front wheel drive. However, it was also offered in all wheel drive too, which was seen as advantageous to some. After four years of production, a facelift was given to the Opel Antara which included a front end revision as well as both front and rear light refreshments. Opel, the car manufacturer released a new badge in 2010 that was also implemented into the facelift.

Inside the Opel Antara, upgrades included a revised center console with more storage, better interior lighting and improved instrument graphics. Other notable changes during the facelift included electric parking brake, hill assistance system and a more economic fuel indicator.

As stated earlier, the Opel Antara was so popular that other countries began to market similar versions of the vehicle as well. In 2007 and 2008, General Motors in the United States and Canada introduced the Saturn Vue which mimicked the Antara. Chevrolet and Buick also implemented similar models into their production line over the years, including 2011 and 2012.

While Opel stopped the production of the Antara in 2015 along with Chevrolet stopping the Captiva in 2014, owners of these vehicles still exist all over the world. Technicians who work on Opel vehicles are able to use Opel Antara service manuals to keep these and similar models in great shape. Because there were other manufacturers that released similar models, technicians can refer to Opel manuals to also keep Captivas or Saturn Vues in shape too.