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Mercedes always achieved to do the abnormal and in the automotive arena going big and light but still attaining comfort and luxury is a remarkable feat we all can applaud. She was called the “Wolf in sheep's clothing” under the clothing was a naturally aspirated 5.0 liter V8 able to push the Mercedes 500E series 160 mph redlining at 6,000rpm. Mercedes enthusiast consider it a Modern Classic with low production numbers finding a 500 in decent conditions will be a task. With eManualOnline and a Mercedes 500 Repair Manual. You'll have the ultimate method to retain value on this Modern Classic.

When Mercedes showed Porsche this idea of an Executive vehicle with the power and handling of a sports car in 1989 Porsche had no choice but to say yes. But in order to achieve this feat of the ultimate sleeper Porsche would need to redesign the W124 Chassis to fit the Mercedes SL 5.0 Liter. Capable of producing 322 HP at 354 lb ft of torque. However to stop this sleeping giant they would need to integrate the 500SL 300mm brake rotors and 4 Piston brake caliper system.

After Porsche was finished with their design modifications the W124 Chassis showed an increase in width setting it at 1.5 inches wider, flared side skirts, and a pouncing aggressive American muscle car stance.

With one problem. The newly designed W124 chassis would not fit in Mercedes Sindelfingen assembly plant deeming Porsche to take action and assemble the Mercedes 500E Class. The first ever 4 door Porsche took 18 days to be fully assembled.

The Mercedes 500E was first available in Germany on October 1st 1990. Later in the U.S in 1992. The Interior kept the staple Mercedes look with four Recaro seats and your choosing of adding a CD changer radio or a cellular telephone.

Due to its immediate success and low production numbers. Mercedes left the public dreaming of another Sleeper. Mercedes released the 2 door 500SEC also with Flared side skirts and a powering 5.0 V8 and the 500SEL.

Today Mercedes High Performance models are known as AMG. But it was this 500E that set the benchmark where luxury and power can work in synch. If you have a low numbers Mercedes 500E-Series get on over to eManualOnline and download your Mercedes 500 Service Manual and keep that Modern Classic on the road and valuable.