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Iveco is an Italian manufacturer of industrial vehicles based in Turin, Italy. The name Iveco is an abbreviation for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. Created in 1975 by the merger of five separate companies today Iveco is a subsidiary of CNH Industrial. Producing a wide range of commercial vehicles, buses, and even military vehicles, Iveco has a presence in over 150 countries. While the majority of their vehicles are commercial, an Iveco service manual can be seen as useful when maintaining these powerful vehicles.

Born from a collection of acquisitions by Fiat, Iveco was founded on January 1, 1975. These four key acquisitions of OM, Unic, Lancia, and Magirus-Deutz together with Fiat’s own industrial vehicles division would come to form Iveco. These companies had experience in producing a diverse range of vehicles including farming vehicles, fire trucks, and buses.

During the late 1980s and 1990s, Iveco made trucks a focus with several important decisions. With the acquisition of Astra di Piacenza in 1986, Iveco invested in trucks for mining and heavy quarry work. Also in 1986 came Iveco’s partnership with Ford, creating the Iveco Ford truck. This model was so successful Iveco would eventually take full control of the program removing the Ford name altogether. In fact, the EuroCargo sold by Iveco today can trace its roots back to the original Iveco Ford truck.

Iveco has also always maintained a presence in the production of buses. Currently based in Lyon, France Iveco Bus is a bus manufacturer and subsidiary of Iveco. With over 15 different models currently in production, Iveco offers a wide variety in the market for bus transportation. These models are common throughout Europe, especially in Italy.

Iveco is a truly global company with production facilities on 4 continents. During the 1990s, Iveco made a strategic effort to increase presence in China now operating 2 production facilities and multiple joint ventures. According to their statistics, Iveco is currently Europe’s leading manufacturer of natural gas vehicles with over 20,000 vehicles produced. Both liquefied and compressed natural gas options are available for their entire lineup.

Iveco is truly a titan in the industrial vehicle market, manufacturing an array of light, medium, and heavy industrial vehicles. Just like any other commercial machine, Iveco vehicles too may experience a need for repairs or service. And, with the help of an Iveco repair manual, maintenance on these industrious vehicles can be straightforward and simple. With over 150,000 vehicles sold annually in over 150 countries, no matter where you are, you won't have to go far to spot one.

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