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Infinity was introduced to the North American automobile market in 1989 as Nissan’s luxury devision. Infinity has produced a number of ground-breaking cars, competing in markets traditionally dominated by European auto manufacturers. Infinity vehicles have earned a reputation for performance. Purchasing an Infinity service manual is essential to keeping your Infinity coupe, convertible, sedan or SUV performing like brand new.

A key to the success Infinity experienced in the difficult early 1990s American automobile market was the use of successful Nissan of Japan vehicles. The Infinity brand is sold in more than 50 countries world-wide, and today all but one model is built in Japan, but no Infinity model is sold in Japan. Instead, the Japanese market receives Nissan models from which the Infinity line is created, with the exception of the Infinity FX that has no Nissan equivalent.

In 1983, Nissan of North America opened a plant in Smyrna, Tennessee that today is the most productive automobile manufacturing plant in the United States. The Smyrna plant employs more than 8,000 and is capable of producing 640,000 vehicles a year. The factory builds several Nissan models, and began building the Infinity QX60 in 2013.

The debut American flagship sedan from Infinity was the Q45. Considered by many enthusiasts to be among the very best Infinity vehicles ever produced, the Q45 was powered by a high output 4.5L V8 engine and could post a 6.7 second 0-60mph time. In 1991, Infinity introduced a model of the Q45 that featured an active suspension that provided unparalleled ride comfort and handling. Mercedes-Benz did not introduce active suspension technology for another eight years.

Infinity sales have lagged behind other luxury car brands in the US market. For the enthusiast, the relative rarity of an Infinity luxury vehicle is a significant positive. Automobile clubs for Infinity owners exist all over the United States.

Today, Infinity is shifting focus, with a goal of producing only hybrid and electric vehicles by 2021. The Nissan Rogue Hybrid with selectable four-wheel drive leads the SUV class in fuel mileage, attaining a combined electric and gasoline mileage of 34 miles per gallon. Tomorrows Infinity vehicles will offer class-leading economy and performance.

Infinity vehicles are true luxury automobiles. To keep an Infinity serviced properly, purchase an Infinity repair manual that describes the service procedure in easy to follow instructions. Infinity cars and SUVs are precisely engineered, and proper, regular maintenance will avoid major breakdowns that can be costly. An Infinity repair manual gives the home mechanic the information needed to ensure any model Infinity continues to be an outstanding, performance oriented, luxury automobile.

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