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Starex H1

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The Hyundai motor company has been creating a light commercial vehicle since 1997. Built and created in both South Korea and Indonesia, the Hyundai Starex offers space and capacity that a traditional automobile doesn’t. The Starex vehicles are easily maintainable through the use of a Hyundai Starex service manual which can help keep them in great shape so that they last forever and do the job that they are meant for.

The Starex is a lightweight commercial vehicle that has been offered in a number of configurations including vans, taxis, ambulances, and pick-ups. Needless to say, Hyundai manufactured and continues to manufacture a vehicle that is both versatile and spacious. The Starex is manufactured and sold in countries such as the UK, Malaysia, and Australia. The North American market has still not seen the Starex in production.

The first generation of the Hyundai Starex was offered in both gasoline and diesel engines with diesel being the more popular choice. Short and long wheelbases were an option on the Starex, depending on the type of configuration as well as the choice of the buyer. An extreme amount of safety features were included in the first generation Hyundai Starex due to the capacity of weight that it could carry. Anti-lock brake system, limited slip differentials, and driver side airbags were all implemented into the Starex as a preventative measure.

When Hyundai released the second generation of the Starex, significant updates were given. Hyundai titled the second generation as the Grand Starex because it had larger dimensions a stronger CRDi engine. In some markets, the diesel engine was upgraded as well as the transmission size.

In 2018, South Korea saw the production of the facelifted Hyundai Starex which was available in a limousine and urban configuration. Aside from the facelift, the light commercial vehicle was also gifted with a floating touch screen as well as a 4-spoke steering wheel, which matched other Hyundai vehicles.

Currently, the Hyundai Starex is offered for a wide variety of different purposes including school buses, ambulances, camping, transportation, and even cargo transporting. The Starex is a great vehicle choice for companies in need of reliable and sturdy transportation. Thankfully, trained technicians can ensure that a Starex is kept in good shape with the help of a Hyundai Starex repair manual. Just like with any other vehicle, the Hyundai Starex too, faces challenges and a need for occasional repairs.