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The Holden Corsa is a unique collector’s car with an interesting history. If you are lucky enough to own a Holden Corsa, then the Holden Corsa Repair manual is a must for you to own.

The Corsa A was manufactured from 1982-1993. This original generation was offered in 3 different trim levels- the Corsa Luxus, the Corsa Berlina and the Corsa SR, which was the sport version.

The Holden Berlina was sold between 1985-1988. This model was marketed in its first year as the “Roadrunner Pack” with special detailing featuring the Warner Bros roadrunner and using “beep-beep Barina” in its advertising.

From 1989 to 1994 the Barina was updated to the second generation. This generations sported cosmetic updates such as an improved interior, upgraded suspension, and new front and rear bumpers. However, this version still received poor safety ratings as did almost all the Holden Company’s other offerings.

The Barina SB ran from 1194 to 2000 and saw several changes. It came as either a 3 door hatchback or a 5 door hatchback. The SB was available as a 1.2. 1.4 or 1.6 liter engine. This generation also had 4 special editions Barina’s available – the Grand Prix 5 door, the Olympic City 3 door, the Olympic Swing 5 Door, the Lambada 5 door.

The XC from 2001-2005 was the 4th generation to be made available. This generation of Corsa saw the addition of a 1.8 liter engine. Additionally this generation saw several model year updates. Interestingly it was this generation that started to see an improvement in the safety ratings for the Holden Corsa. The XC Barina was rated as “better than average” in an accident.

The 5th generation was the Barina TK and it was manufactured from 2005-2011. This generation saw the introduction of a 4 door sedan, which was the first time a sedan was introduced in the Barina line. This generation also debuted an updated hatchback with several updates.

The 6th and final generation was the TM which ran from 2011 to 2018. The hatchback and sedan saw very modest updates. However, they did run a limited edition, Barina X, in November of 2015.

By September of 2015, Holden announced it was dropping the Barina from its lineup.

Clearly the Barina in any of its generations is a collector’s dream. To maintain and restore whatever generation Barina you may have, you need to add the Holden Corsa service manual to your garage.

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