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The Geo brand is a small line of vehicles manufactured by General Motors. Geos were primarily compact, economy oriented cars that focused on performance rather than appearance. Because of that, many Geo vehicles get excellent gas mileage, making them a wonderful daily commuter. To help preserve your fuel economy, keep a copy of a Geo repair manual in your glovebox in case you notice anything needing repair!

You donít have to be a mechanic to understand and use a DIY repair manual, anyone can follow one! It will provide detailed instructions for your exact vehicle make and model, which makes fixing the problem super easy. And if you are a mechanic, having a backup resource to make sure youíre doing repairs properly never hurts!

Vehicles were sold under the Geo name from 1989-1997, at which point all Geo models became Chevrolet branded. Geo sold five different models during that time; the Metro, Prizm, Spectrum, Storm, and Tracker. The Spectrum was only sold for one year, and the Storm lasted only three years even though it was quite popular. The Metro, Prizm, and Tracker all lasted through 1997, at which point they became rebranded as Chevrolet vehicles.

What made Geo such an interesting car brand is that it was a product of GM working with Japanese automobile manufacturers. They used the expertise and production capabilities of Toyota, Suzuki, and Isuzu, which explains why the vehicles look closer to Japanese-produced vehicles like Toyotas than they do to American cars.

Despite being fairly successful, Geo became absorbed by Chevrolet when the market for compact economy vehicles died down, which was the entire purpose of the line. Geo did manage to manufacture reliable, budget-friendly vehicles. Not only did they come at a cheap sale price, they also were cheap to repair and saved money on gas. This allows Geo vehicles to continue running on the road today, despite being more than 20 years old!

If you drive a Geo, then you know how dependable your vehicle is. Having transported you every day for decades, a Geo is built to last. If you want to keep your Geo driving strong for years to come, pick up a Geo service manual. Your car has made it this far, now it is up to you to take care of regular maintenance and keep it serviced. Follow the clear instructions in a manual, and take care of any issues right when they happen!

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