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Made in either a cargo van or wagon style, you can choose which option works the best for you and the needs that you have. Introduced to the market in 2002, it continues to be manufactured and sold in many markets across the country. This van is known for providing workers with a way to get their work tools and other products around with ease.

If you want to learn more about the maintenance and other aspects of this van, then make sure to get the Ford Transit Connect service manual that provides this information.

This leisure activity vehicle provides not only space in the inside of the van, but also a way to sit more people with seating that can be placed in the back in the bench style that is offered. Generally, shelving and other additions can be added to the inside of the van. You can save additional cash by doing all of the repairs, replacements, and maintenance on the van yourself. You just need to use the Ford Transit workshop manual and learn more about it.

With a 4 or 5 door choice that you go with, as well as having a front engine, front wheel drive vehicle, you can easily drive from one place to the next with smooth comfort and easy control. The vans offer 4 speed automatic options, as well as 5 speed manual options for those that enjoy having the most control while driving the van.

Find out what is on the inside of your van with the use of the Ford Transit Connect service manual. This manual has provided so many users with a way to learn more about their vehicle, while finding those areas they didnít know existed.

The vans introduced an EcoBoost option for those that want a more economical choice when driving around. Later on, from 2019, and in the newer 2020 models being introduced, they are offering an 8 speed automatic choice for those that need to drive over taller hills and get more control on the vehicle. The facelift made it look more modern, while the box stayed the same size and shape.

Donít get caught with a problem without the use of a Ford Transit Connect workshop manual that provides you with a bit of information on how to fix the problem and get you back on the road once again.