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OVA Files

Download and install VirtualBox from the relevant link below:

Windows - Click Here

If you're having trouble installing on Windows you can find more info here

Mac - Click Here

If you're having trouble installing on Mac you can find more info here

Linux - Click Here

Once you have installed VirtualBox, you need to point it at the virtual image of the manual as follows:

1.    If you do not already have VirtualBox open, then open VirtualBox player by double clicking the "VirtualBox" icon on the desktop or in your Applications folder

2.    Allow VirtualBox to load and then click File >> Import Appliance

3.    In the Window that loads, click the folder with a green triangle on it. Highlighted in the picture below with the red circle

4.    In the Window that loads go to where you downloaded the .OVA flie to, and locate the .OVA file. In the example below, the file is Example.OVA

5.    Double click the .OVA file, here called "Example"

6.    Then click "Next"

7.    Then you will get this window. Make sure "Reinitialize MAC address" is UNTICKED, and click "Import"

8.    Then it will import. This step can take several minutes, depending on your computer. Just leave it to import. 

9.   When the import has completed the virtual machine will appear in the VirtualBox main window, here called "Example"

10.    To open the virtual machine just double click the name of the virtual machine on the left. And the virtual machine will then load up.

11.    When the virtual machine has loaded, please open, read, and follow the "Quick Start Guide" located on the desktop of the virtual machine window that has loaded.