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The Online Marketers PC Protection Guide

The Online Marketers PC Protection Guide

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I Was In Shock! My Hard Drive Was Dead, And My Entire Business Was Lost. I Felt Like I Was Having A Heart Attack
?Everything I Had Worked For Was Gone And In A Virutal Instant I Was Totally And Completely Ruined...
...And You Could Be Next! ?
(Unless You Read This Very Important Letter)

Dear Friend,

I was staring at my computer screen in absolute horror.?I felt like I couldnt breathe. Like there was an elephant sitting on my chest.?

I felt like I was having a heart attack!

My hard drive had just crashed, and I had lost all the invaluable and irreplaceable data on my computer.?

You know what made this worse? The simple fact that
I Knew Better Than This,
But I Screwed It Up Anyway
See, I know better than to be unprepared for a hard drive crash. Chances are, you know better, too. Butare you any more prepared than I was?

My guess is no.

This letter should give you some pointers that might save you and your business from total disaster.
Your Whole Business
Wiped Out In SECONDS
If youre like I was, youre thinking, Yeah, I know, I know, but I dont have the time or money to think about all?this stuff. And anyway, nothing has happened yet.

First of all, the fact that you havent had a data-meltdown yet is actually a good argument to get your act together now.

Its not a matter of if a hard drive or network goes down its a matter of when"
Imagine if your computer (or your network) suffered a failure because of:
Burst water pipes
Smoke damage (more dangerous than you think)
Food and beverages spilled into a vital system or laptop
Burglary or theft
These may seem unlikely events to you but thats my point

They seem unlikely until they happen.?

Then they seem like disaster. Where would you be if your computer or system was lost or damaged beyond repair? Would you?lose:
Legal documents
Bookkeeping records
Tax records
Customer databases
Software licenses
Thats just a sample of what could happen.

How Prepared Are You Really?

If you woke up tomorrow, and your hard drive was wiped clean

could you be back in business within an hour??

I could.

But I had to learn it the hard way. You can benefit from my mistakes, because....
Ive Written Down Every Single Step
To Being 100% Protected
You can imagine I have become quite the fanatic about being protected from disaster whether that means a natural disaster?or just the disaster of a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks getting dumped into a laptop.

I have systems for backups, and special equipment I use to keep myself protected and safe.?

You can do the same.

The first and best step for you to take get a copy of my Online Marketers PC Protection Guide.
This Special Guide Is The?
Only One Of Its Kind.
It covers all of the various ways you can lose your data, and more importantly: how to protect yourself from that loss.?

From hard drive crashes, to hurricanes, earthquakes and firesIll show you how to keep your precious data from being lost?forever.
The Online Marketers PC Protection Guide is:
No fluff or filler; direct and to the point. Many books and guides are fluffed up with material jus to make them seem?bigger than they really are. This guide is short, to the point, and filled with high-leverage information that can save you?tens-of-thousands of dollars.
Applies to all online businesses, no matter what niche. It doesnt matter whether you sell digital products, shop?physical products, or if youre a professional with just simple websitethe information applies to everyone who uses a?computer!
These specific, step-by-step tips can be implemented in just minutes. You dont just read this guide and say, Ill do?that one of these days. These tips, tricks, and tactics can be put to work immediately, with ease.
I give you all my best sources of information and equipment. No shopping around endlessly or wondering what you might?(or might not) need. I spell it out, and give the web sites, phone numbers, and specific things you might need to protect?your data.