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APPLE IPAD 2 USER Manual For IOS.4.3. pdf BOOK

APPLE IPAD 2 USER Manual For IOS.4.3. pdf BOOK

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The new iPad 2 is cute. It's loveable. It's fun to play with. But it can also be a bit mysterious.

My New iPad is your guide to getting the most from Apple's latest magical creation. Best-selling author Wallace Wang's patient, step-by-step instructions will have you using your new iPad to:

Find your way using the Maps app and the iPad's compass
Get organized with the Notes, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts apps
Set up your email accounts and browse the Web
Use dictation and keyboard shortcuts to save time typing
Listen to music, read ebooks and magazines, and take photos and videos
Use FaceTime to talk face-to-face with distant friends and relatives
Shop on iTunes and the App Store for the best new music, apps, movies, games, magazines, and books
Set parental controls, use a secret passcode, and encrypt your backups for maximum privacy
And so much more. You'll even learn top-secret touch gestures to help make the most of your iPad.

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