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Mercedes Diagnostic Interface Tool

Mercedes Diagnostic Interface Tool

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Mercedes Diagnostic Interface Tool

This is the ultimate Mercedes Diagnostic System, including all hardware and software all pre-built in VMWare (Virtual Environment), so you can use with your own laptop. No additional laptop is required. Simply runs in a virtual version of Windows XP via VMWare Player (Windows) or VMWare Fusion (Apple Macs). Comprehensive instructions are included.

This kit is very similar to what the Mercedes dealers use, if not better, which costs in the region of 5000 GBP. Why allow them to charge you silly money when you can do all the above and more yourself at a fraction of the cost?

This Diagnostic Tool is the perfect interface into your vehicles car. Whether your are a DIY mechanic, or a professional garage, there is not doubt you will save both time and money after a couple of uses.

We pride ourselves on support. We will go out of our way to make sure you are happy. We've been in the diagnostic trade for many years and most of our customers are returning customers. We pride ourselves in top quality service.

If you have any difficulties we can resolve any issues remotely. See here for more information. We can also arrange for one of our agents to to come and set this up at your premises for a cost of 250 (within UK) and 500 (outside UK) + travel (plane, train, car, petrol, accomodation) costs.

  • Multiplexer: Communications device (12v or 24v Vehicles)
  • Interface Cables: 16 Pin OBD2 + 4 Pin + 38 Pin + 14 Pin + LAN UTP Cable
  • Latest 2014 software
  • Pre-installed on an IBM X61 Laptop (Optional - See "Available Options" above)
  • Mercedes Cars
  • Smart Cars
  • Bus
  • Foton
  • Industrial Engines
  • Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Mercedes Trucks
  • Mercedes Transporters
  • Mercedes V-Class
  • Unimog


With this diagnostic interface, you will now be able to connect to the various ECU's on your vehicle and adjust as and where necessary (ensure to backup any existing settings), including:

  • Engines
  • Transmission and Electronic Selector Modules
  • Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems
  • Automatic Clutch Systems (ACS)
  • Traction Systems: ESP, ASR, ETS
  • Braking Systems: ABS, BAS, SBC
  • Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)
  • Airbag Modules
  • Body Modules: OCP, UCP, LCP, SCM, SKF. KFB, RCM, DCM
  • Drive Authorisation Systems
  • Signal Acquisition Modules (SAM)
  • Electronic Ignition Systems (EIS)
  • Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA Functions
  • Air Conditioning and Climate Conrol Systems
  • Instrument Clusters
  • Tyre Pressure Control
  • Parktronic Systems
  • Keyless Go
  • D2B Command and Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST Networks)
  • TV Tuner
  • Headlamp Range Adjustments
  • Seat Electronics
  • Roof Modules: RVC, RST, VARIO
  • M-Class Body Modules: AAM, EAM, DAS, SEM, VG Transfer Case
  • Assyst Systems
  • Plus More...


  • SRS Module Coding
  • DPF Deletes
  • Read and Erase Fault Codes
  • Service Light Reset
  • Air Bag Light Reset
  • Live Data Adaptations
  • Component Testing
  • Maintenance Information
  • Wiring Diagrams Tracking
  • Component Location Diagrams
  • Developer Mode Functions
  • Adaptation of New Parts
  • Offline Coding and Programming
  • Plus More...

In-Depth Functions:

  • Activation of ABS pump for bleeding after replacement
  • Coding/Programming (including key memory and car memory)
  • Complete Diagnostics (including test plans)
  • Live data checks
  • Testing of individual parts before replacement
  • Transmission bleeding
  • Plus More...
This software works out of the box. Once you are familiar with it, its a dream to use and can eventually play around with so many features, which you thought were not available on your vehicle.

The hardware device is able to communicate with the laptop with the software on it, via a wireless connection or a wired connection. This tool is very high quality and built to last.

PLEASE NOTE: Our diagnostic tool is not a generic type code reader. It has been specifically manufactured to our specification to work with Mercedes vehicles and PCs incorporating a LAN connection so there is no need for USB/Serial port adapters. Our diagnostics cables are internally modified by us to give true ignition detection. This helps the risk of blowing fuses.
  • Compatible with Windows inc XP, Vista and 7, both 32 and 64 bit versions
  • Mac OSX 10.6.8 and Above
  • Minimum 2GB RAM, 4GB RAM Preferable
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Date Added: Wednesday 29 October, 2014TEXT_OF_5_STARS
Good product and great back-up support service, lots of patience. Thank you very much emanualonline.
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